Address of the Real Estate



Purchase Price and Realtor Commission

€ 685,000.00

2 outdoor parking spaces and 1 garage

5.95 %


The buyer pays at the conclusion of the notarial deed a commission in the amount of 5.95% of the authenticated purchase price.

Land plot data

Inner city

425.00 m²

Very nice, quiet inner-city residential area in a one-way street

Description of property

Well-kept, partly modernized three-family house from the cool 60s.


The house is set back from the street and instead has two parking spaces at the front. A closed gate separates the house area from the public area. On the ground floor there is an apartment with two bedrooms and a large living room open to both sides of the house; on the garden side is the exit to the terrace and the wonderful garden. The kitchen is a separate room, next to it is the bathroom; both to the garden side.
To this apartment belongs a nearly new fireplace.
This apartment can be occupied or rented immediately.

The cut of the apartment on the 1st floor is practically identical; here is a beautiful, large balcony instead of a terrace.
This apartment must be renovated and then ready for occupancy or rental.
In the attic there is an apartment with a bedroom, a large living and dining area and an open kitchen. Also in the attic, directly accessible from the staircase, is a separate room that can best be added to the attic apartment (which was previously used by the EC residents).
There are no tenancies. The property was used by the family.
The attic apartment is also vacated shortly after the sale; one of the owners also lives here (i.e. no tenancy).
The loft is also ready to move into almost immediately, but could use a refresh.
The house also has a garage and a beautiful, large enclosed and little visible garden, as well as an extension to the garage, which can be used for garden tools.
In the basement there is a common laundry room, the boiler room, a bunker room, two storage rooms. (The bunker room is certainly a relic from the Cold War period).

Much but not everything has been modernized. The house has a fairly new composite thermal insulation system, an almost new roof with insulation, three new heat protection windows in the bedrooms on the ground and first floors and in the stairwell. The other windows are partly with double-pane glazing, a few with single-pane glazing.

Two cars can be parked outside on the property, another in the garage.

More property information

Different window ages


There are two fitted kitchens on the ground floor and top floor; the 1st floor is without fitted kitchen.

Further Description of property




Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

Residential building consumption certificate

162.00 kW/m²a

Natural gas



F (< 200)



Description of location

Wonderful location in the heart of the center of Dreieich-Sprendlingen. No industry, no distracting trades, no main street. Here you can live! (The only source of noise during the day is a nearby kindergarten, but who cares?)


It is only a three-minute walk to the Sprendling train station. From here you can take the regional train directly to Frankfurt Central Station. The inner-city bus connections are also worth mentioning. The OF64 bus, which goes directly to Terminal 1 at Frankfurt Airport, is also just a few minutes' walk away.

Optimal: Autobahn A661 easily accessible via the southern entrance in Langen or via the northern entrance in Dreieich; if you want to drive south to the A5, take the bypass at Langen and also be on the motorway in less than 10 minutes. To Frankfurt Airport about 12-15 minutes; similarly close to the Frankfurter Kreuz. To Frankfurt on the Zeil by bike is about 45 minutes. By car, depending on the time of day and traffic, between 25 and 35 minutes.


Very child-friendly location! It could hardly be better. In Sprendlingen, your little children can walk from daycare to high school; even the Strothoff International School is easily accessible by bike.

Dreieich builds bike paths! Many roads have already been narrowed for motor traffic to make room for cyclists and bike-like vehicles.

The Neue Mitte Dreieich, a small shopping center, will soon be just a few minutes away on foot. You can currently be reached on foot or by bike: 1 tegut, 1 Rewe, 2 Aldi, 1 Lidl, 1 natural food market, the real supermarket, XXXL Mann Mobilia, Decathlon ..... and many small shops and shops.

Multiple dwelling unit - specific data


198.72 m²

Recently measured living space








Ground floor 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom and terrace with 79.94 m² living space.
Upper floor 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom and balcony with 71.87 m² living space.
DG 3 rooms, kitchen, bathroom with 46.91 m²

Extensions or outbuildings

There is an arbour behind the garage

Rental situation

All apartments are free from tenancies. Insofar as they are still used by the sellers, this use will end by the handover date (after payment of the purchase price).

Running costs and taxes ect

€ 534.90

€ 324.00

€ 396.00

€ 2,600.00

€ 192.24

€ 382.25

The respective apartment flow is not included in this list, since it is the responsibility of the respective tenant or occupant. Heating costs and water costs depend on individual consumption. Garbage collection depends on the number of garbage bins ordered.

Further information about the object

      - 1993 Central heating gas
        - 1996 bathroom ground floor
        - 2006/2007 Roofing, skylights, facade, canal, roller shutters, windows in the bedroom and staircase
        - 2011 House plinth
        - 2014 Penthouse bathroom, kitchen
        - 2016 Staircase
Water pipes (risers) were renewed with the baths

There are still about 12 windows with old equipment; the heating is now 27 years old (it may be advisable to install a modern condensing boiler); the apartment on the 1st floor is still to be renovated and the electrical system has to be replaced if necessary.

Information on barrier-free access, etc.



Other vital Data



Buyers and sellers agree when the property will be handed over.