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You want to sell a property? No problem. Contact us and we will call you back. Our approach is usually as follows:

First, we clarify with you some details about the object (location, address, type of object, reason of sale). Since there is hardly an object that we can not put on sale, we usually make an appointment with you as soon as possible, preferably at the site of the object. At the moment we are primarily active in the Rhine-Main area around Frankfurt am Main; for more distant objects, we would possibly include partners closer to the site. Prior to the local appointment, we will send you a list of required object documents.
Our appraiser for property valuations (Sprengnetter Akademie) usually draws up an internal market value appraisal. The valuation report plays an important role in the marketing in two ways, and here we speak from now five years of experience with this approach. The appraiser collects as much information, data, documents, construction law and value-related information about the object as possible. With this information, prospective buyers can be offered real and comprehensive informations  about everything they need to know about the object. Our marketing department uses this information to create an exposé (brochure) that informs and encourages the purchase - with every object. The second important task of such a valuation is to alert the seller to any peculiarities in the object that are relevant in any direction to the sales value. An open discussion in advance, based on facts and extensive market knowledge as well as comparable purchase prices of actually sold items from purchase price databases, helps to avoid that an object with an incorrect price is "burned" on the market.

Since we work in a team, the work of many expert hands flows into this preparation of a sale. We owe great importance to a proper presentation, which includes first-class but realistic photos - players like 180 degrees wide-angle or other effects are not part of our craft. Also, we consider a poor presentation to be a factor that testifies to a certain disdain by the person making this exposé with relation to the object to sell. At the same time we are open to your criticism, suggestions for improvement or the introduction of aspects or factors that are relevant to sales and perhaps were not considered at the first attempt.

Selling is teamwork. And craftsmanship. It must be well thought out and performed step by step. Good preparation is 80% of a good sale.

Our sales team not only has many years of experience in various sectors of sales, but is fully educated and knowledgeable in sales. Many customers can confirm that; we have published some references here

Offering Real Estate for sale

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