We made the first real estate sales with our company AllGrund in 1998. That was at a time when we were still kind of curious about the so-called Internet and did know nothing much about it. All sales were conventional - through newspaper advertisements, letters, phone calls to potential customers, advertisements, etc.

In 1999, the first sales were initiated via the Internet. We then had some objects on the website, and we quickly had the global input. Since we were one of the first real estate brokerage firms in Germany who not only had a homepage, but this in two languages ??(English and German), and so we received already the first requests from abroad - with sales following.

Until 2010, it all ran "like hot cakes". From 2005 we had a database-operated website. But the objects from this period were no longer listed in the database with a major change as of 2011.

Only since 2011 are many of the properties sold still found on our website. Not all - because a lot of sales were not through the Internet, and several more sales should no longer be visible on the Internet as per the desire of buyer or seller.

Thus you can see the two historical pages of the sold objects 2011-2017; and on the more recent offers on our current, completely redesigned and tailormade website, which went online in December 2017.

So we hope that you do not have the impression that we only had a lazy time in the first 12 years ...

... and sale was only one half of our business. The other was and ist from the start the leases, the number of which is annually at several hundred brokered rentals of properties.