Rental management of the company AllGrund Immobilien

It began in the fall of 2001: A foreign investor bought four apartments through our agency in Frankfurt, and then came to the handover and drove with us to a blue and yellow Swedish furniture store to furnish the apartments. And we got the keys, the rental order and all necessary powers.

And we stood there with the apartments and were a bit baffled - we had never done something like that. But according to the principle: "What comes comes, do something", we simply assumed that the apartments are ours and we take care of it. And really, as if they were our property - with the one difference that the rents went to the account of the investor. We rented, when a tenant quit and moved out, we organized the final cleaning (that too was new territory - now our former cleaning service has its own building cleaning company, thanks to their training by us). We rented again, were contact in all circumstances ("Mrs. Talkenberger, I'm pregnant, will I have to move out when the baby comes?" and a little more of that sort; or on Saturday evenings at 9PM: "Hi here's John. In my apartment water comes out of the sink backwards and I can not get away from the place "... the enumeration would fill a whole book with everything we've looked after in all these years. Ever since then we have been taking care of numerous apartments and houses until we finally started calling it "rental management" and began getting a small annual lump sum.

In 2015, the rental law for brokerage were changed and we were responsible for convincing our loyal landlords to pay the broker for the rental (the fee was usually always paid by the tenant). We decided to make a professional activity out of that and designed a contract based on the (aftermentioned) services for our landlords. And we have been successful since then under the motto "We take care of it".

Our rental management service in detail

(A small listing, not necessarily complete)

We rent.

We do the handovers and returns.

We take care of any renovations or repairs (that is, we organize craftsmen who are in our network and whom we know to be reliable).

We take care of a cleaning of apartment, inventory, possibly laundry in fully furnished apartments.

We are the contact person for the tenant if something is happening during the tenancy.

We are the contact person for the landlord.

We are available on almost all days - exceptions during holidays, public holidays and Sundays - and from 8 to 22 o'clock for "emergency calls" of all kinds.

We make sure that deposits are on security accounts (often done by the landlord, which is also ok).

If necessary, we even make the statements of the annual balance of utilities with the tenants (based on the bills of the property management, which you receive annually).

We are connected to a landlord advisory service.

We use standard house and land leases by Haus und Grund Frankfurt or by Gevestor, depending on preference.

We have English translations of these contracts for foreign tenants.

We may act as a translator between tenant and landlord.

We take photos and advertise the objects attractively on our rental sites ( as well as Immobilienscout24, Immowelt, Immonet, Rhein-Main-Media and other affiliated portals; possibly also in daily newspapers.

We advertise as needed also on international platforms.

We take care of paying tenants to intervene litigation.

We check from time to time whether rent increases are possible (based on the "Mietspiegel Frankfurt" for the city of Frankfurt, on comparable rents for other locations).

We furnish on request, we arrange the equipment with fitted kitchens, if desired. (Not included in the basic package.)

We collect and review the documents of applicants for the rental.

We see that the tenants have sufficient household contents liability insurance.

We exclude certain things (2 dogs and more, countless cats, other pets not in normal homes).

We are also contact persons for the "domestic peace".

In particular, we represent foreign investors at owner's meetings (not included in the basic lump sum).

... just to name a few things.

Of course, not everything applies to every apartment, and we do not differentiate in the fees according to what applies or occurs and what does not. You pay according to our model either a monthly percentage flat rate, based on the rent, which also includes the brokerage commission for rentals; or a lump sum, which consists of a fixed amount and at re-letting, we receive the brokerage commission from you as a landlord, on account after completion a lease.

Rental management contracts are concluded for a period of two years.

If you are going abroad for a while and your domicile is temporary, e.g. If you wish to rent for one year, the duration of the contract will be adjusted accordingly.

If you would like to know more about our rental management service or would like to take advantage of this service, simply send us the feedback form or call us!

Tel: +49 151 72729596 oder +49 6103 310847

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