....so Major Tom in the cult song by Peter Schilling and David Lodge from 1982.

Completely detached from the past, property and land prices are also floating "off the ground" towards a heaven that everyone hopes to reach, if they are lucky enough to grab one of the few available properties.

For years, this development has been described by some as a bubble, by others as "catching up" with international prices and by still others as "surely the end is coming soon".

But it is none of them. It is simply "completely detached". Like Major Tom's spaceship, the prizes stagger through space, or as the lyrics say: "There's a light that guides me here, you don't know it yet"....

That's exactly how it is. What light is guiding this never-ending price rise, we all don't know yet.

Yes, there are factors that have been fuelling prices for years. The low interest rate, which has almost reached zero. The penalty interest on money deposits of €100,000 upwards. The fear for the euro. The high indebtedness of the euro countries. The pressure on Europe from the USA and China. Growing fear of hyperinflation.

And then came ES. Microscopic. As dangerous as fire, it seemed. The unknown threat from nowhere.

It suddenly turned our lives upside down, swept away our habits, everything we had grown to love, and forced us to stay at home. Avoiding contacts, no longer sending children to school....ES has caused more human and economic damage than all the euro crises, Greek crisis, Italian crisis, Brexit and Donald combined.

And with it came the longing for security. The longing for security that is deeply rooted in people. 

And since then, at the latest, prices have become completely detached.

My Home is My Castle.

The saying has never been as valid as it is today.

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