Address of the Real Estate






Purchase Price and Realtor Commission

€ 219,000.00

€ 6,700.00

Underground parking space

€ 25,000.00

2.975 %

5.95 %

Half by buyer and half by seller

Commission is divided according to § 656 between buyer and seller at 50% each.

About 10%

Land plot data

Inner city

1,122.00 m²

Upscale residential area

Description of property

Small, fine and immediately free


According to documents, the year of construction is 2006; According to the energy certificate, the year of construction is 2010.

This small but nice apartment with a cozy studio, with winter garden (fully enclosed balcony), a sufficiently large fitted kitchen, as well as the bathroom is an ideal alternative to the hotel if you are regularly in Frankfurt. Or a small home for one person, if you are anyway very much "on the road" and do not need a large apartment. Fast Internet as well as excellent connections with local and long-distance public transport or even a place to stay for flying personnel - for this price, the investment in a sachsenhäuser apartment is definitely worth it. A parking space in the underground garage is included (no double parking!).

Stylishly furnished, furniture remains in the apartment at no extra charge.

Parking in underground garage

Easily accessible single seat, no lift system

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

Residential building consumption certificate

92.00 kW/m²*a

Natural gas



C (< 100)



Description of location

Wonderful location on the Sachsenhäuser Berg, bus station to the city center just two minutes away; Travel time to the airport by public transport approx. 40 minutes.

It is only about five minutes from here to the A3 motorway.


The building is set back from the street.

tegut supermarket is around the corner.

Condominium: Specific data (I)




32.58 m²

Documents from the developer




Condominium: Specific data (II)

76/10.000 MEA

0.76 %

€ 205.00

From the 2020 economic plan; we don't have any more up-to-date information at the moment

€ 30.00

€ 118.00

Economic plan 2020

€ 321,459.51


€ 8488,72

None absolutely necessary


38 underground parking spaces

Information on community property

The balconies need to be partially renovated. A part is already done. The remaining part has been decided but not yet implemented.

Renovation of balconies

It was still decided a special allocation for balcony renovations, with a share of € 1,548.91 for this apartment.

Running costs and taxes ect

€ 199.44

For more operating costs and additional costs that can be passed on, see the house fee statement in the data room.

Final notes

Top apartment with the charm of a high-quality new building

Agreeable at any time - apartment is free

Immediately after payment of the purchase price