Address of the Real Estate



Population numbers




Purchase Price and Realtor Commission

€ 560,000.00

Parking space

€ 16,000.00

2.975 %

5.95 %

Half by buyer and half by seller

€ 17,136.00

€ 17,136.00

Real estate transfer tax 6%, notary and court costs approx. 1.5%

One- or two family house - specific data

Single family home

126.51 m²

This is the living area measured on the ground floor according to the Living Area Ordinance. See living space statement.

In the newly built attic (gable roof instead of flat roof, built in 1990) is not a room developed for permanent living, but a considerable usable area of 114.54 m², developed for living purposes - also newly measured. The basement is also (partly heated), great usable space; it is almost as large as the first floor.

Survey dated 4/22/2022. Available upon request.


Only the ground floor is a full storey.

Land plot data

Inner city

496.00 m²


Description of property

Quiet, discreet location in Langen-Oberlinden, a very good living environment

1966 /1990

Addition of a gabled roof (pitched roof) in 1988

Classic angled bungalow in quiet location, set back, cul-de-sac. Safe area for children. The building stands at an angle, with two-sided border development (one gable side, one outer building side), on the plot. In front and behind the house are green areas; the whole property is fenced.
Due to the increase in the height, the entrance area was also rebuilt to create space for the staircase to the new attic. The resulting extension makes the entrance very comfortable, especially for families with children. A guest toilet is in the entrance area. The living area is in the left side wing, consisting of kitchen, dining room, loggia and terrace and the large living room. The right side wing has two children's bedrooms and a master bedroom, and on the back gable wall the bathroom. The long hallway is completely fitted with a built-in wardrobe wall floor-to-ceiling, without becoming too narrow.
The house has a full basement; the basement is accessible via an interior staircase. Some basement rooms are heated and used for hobby and profession.
Twenty years after construction, the house was raised with a gable roof (unusual for the area at the time); this created two new, large rooms, another bathroom, and a glazed gable loggia. The attic is explicitly declared in the building permit as no additional living space.

Simple equipment, in need of modernization or renovation

The house has a parking space, which is about 50m away from the house and a garage, which is around the corner.

More property information

Double glazed windows (old)


Kitchen is very aged

The basement is laid out in much the same way as the ground floor, with numerous practical spaces. Part of the basement is heated (the previous owner was a model train collector...needed a lot of space).

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

Residential building demand certificate

166.00 kW/m²a

District heating

Hot water is generated by electricity

1966, 1990


hot water

F (< 200)


7 Apr. 2022

Since no consumption data is available from recent years, the energy certificate was prepared on the basis of energy demand. The actual consumption may have been higher or lower.

Further technical details

Remote Power station

District heating is mandatory (entry in the land register)





Description of location

This part of Langen-Oberlinden is characterized by angled bungalow residential buildings. Some newer objects (demolition and new construction) have already deviated from the strict specifications of the development plan in terms of type and size, but due to the continuous row border development, only limited deviations - if at all - are permitted and possible. The location is a quiet residential area in the immediate vicinity of the forest, very protected and securely embedded in a "vigilant neighbor" environment. The orientation of the inner courtyard is to the southwest.



Obviously very child friendly location

You can cycle well here, e.g. to the Langener Waldsee (approx. 10 min.)


Plentiful, easily accessible by car

Further information about the object

Extensive renovation work is required.

Other vital Data



At any time after the purchase price has been paid

Relevant title registrations in real estate register, public obligations, past contaminations - if known

Obligation to use the district heating plant in Langen

Hereditary building right (land lease)

No, no hereditary building rights

Final notes

Great location, classically beautiful cut

Individually and by prior appointment

At any time after the purchase price has been paid

More pictures will follow after the building has been largely cleared