Address of the Real Estate




Purchase Price and Realtor Commission

€ 345,000.00

Parking space included with €10,000

€ 4,700.00

Own underground parking space

€ 10,000.00

2.975 %

5.95 %

Half by buyer and half by seller

The brokers commission is divided in half between seller and buyer (according to BGB § 656c) and is earned and due upon conclusion of the notarial purchase agreement. It is calculated on the final negotiated and notarized purchase price and amounts to a total of 5.95% incl. VAT of 19%.

Approx. 10% for the buyer of the purchase price.

Land plot data

Inner city

1,969.00 m²

Simple residential area

Description of property

Very nicely renovated and equipped apartment full of comfort


Year of declaration of division; Specification in the energy certificate

Very inviting entreé, passage with round arch to the living room with balcony (loggia) is on the right (south side), kitchen and the two bedrooms are on the left. In the middle is the eye-catching bathroom, which has been completely renovated and modernized and is especially nice and bright. The kitchen is fully equipped, in the two bedrooms are custom-fit closets with mirrors, in the living room a large corner sofa, glass cabinet, TV - you can move in directly without further ado. (See photos). For the existing inventory a separate payment of 5.400 € is due.

Fully furnished with a few things missing (e.g. mattresses for parents' bed). Elegant floor in vinyl, therefore easy to care for.

Parking in underground garage

Object description (Part 2)

Plastic double-glazed windows, recent (about 10-15 years young)


The entire apartment was renewed, including large parts of the electrics, wallpaper, floor covering and of course the bathroom completely

The apartment includes a basement room

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

Residential building consumption certificate

62.00 kW/m²*a

District heating

Contain no further details



B (< 75)


A new gas central heating was installed in 2019, which is of course not taken into account in the energy certificate from 2018. The right energy source is fossil natural gas.


Further technical details


The heating system is now independent of district heating, the supply of which has been insufficient in recent years. (See minutes 2018, 2019)

3 Jahre years


none known of


Consumption dependent,



Description of location

The apartment is located in Birminghamstraße in an urban area with mixed housing - high-rise buildings stand side by side with row houses and apartment buildings. Birminghamstraße is a side street to Mainzer Landstraße at the level of the Nied-Schwanheim traffic junction (Mainbrücke).

Birminghamstraße 91 is about a ten-minute walk from the Nied S-Bahn station (S1 and S2). Even closer is the Stadtbahn stop on Mainzer Landstraße (tram lines 21+11). The journey time to Frankfurt's main train station is about half an hour.
In addition, there are bus connections.

It takes about 15-20 minutes to cross the Schwanheim Bridge to Rhein-Main Airport. Only 5-7 minutes to downtown Frankfurt. Also approx. 15 minutes to the motorway junction (A3/A5).


Two day care centers in the immediate vicinity. Elementary school three minutes (Panorama School).

REWE 250m, more in the area

Condominium: Specific data (I)




73.00 m²

The living space was determined by an expert by measurement on 11.4.2022. It deviates by 3 m² from the information in the declaration of division. However, the declaration of partition does not state the living area, but the "dimension", so it can be assumed that the floor area of the loggia was fully taken into account here. The annual statement is based on the information in the declaration of division. This must be pointed out when renting out the property in order to avoid problems with the apportionment formula for heating costs. The heating bill refers to 76m² of floor space. (Germany, why are you so complicated.....)
The inaccuracies of the usable areas on which the heating cost statement is based were pointed out at the owners' meeting of 11.12.2019 and a resolution was proposed to commission an expert to determine the "heatable areas". However, this has been rejected.

Still....but it will be cleared when it is handed over (moving abroad)




A very beautiful, pleasantly large loggia to the south (but protected from the blazing sun by the building opposite)

Condominium: Specific data (II)

19,828 / 1.000tel MEA

1.983 %

€ 477.00

However, the actual costs in 2020 were € 80 p.mth. lower than the advance payment. There were also correspondingly high credit balances in previous years. (The increase to €477 in 2020 is actually a bit incomprehensible).

€ 99.14

€ 250.00

Housekeeping bill 2020

€ 470,572.49


We have received the following information on this from the property management:

"The last decided and therefore legally valid status of the maintenance reserves is from 31.12.2019/01.01.2020 and is composed as follows:

Reserve: 458,087.01 euros - of which 9082.95 euros are for apartment #58 (458087.01 euros : 1000 MEA x 19.8280 MEA)

Reserve washing machine: 12485.48 euros - of which 247.56 euros are for apartment #58 (12485.48 euros : 1000 MEA x 19.8280 MEA)"

€ 9330,51


Parking spot number 32


Information on community property

In 2017, a resolution was passed to terminate all contracts with the district heating supplier and to set up a mobile heating station with Mainova instead. In 2018, it was decided to cancel this resolution and instead conclude a heat supply contract (contracting). This was then also implemented, To this extent, the information in the energy certificate (from 2018) about district heating is no longer correct. Instead, a gas-fired central heating system has been installed in building 89 for both buildings 89 and 91.
At the same meeting, the earlier decision to have the apartments remeasured on the basis of usable floor space because of the distribution of heating costs was rejected.

Rental situation

The apartment is not rented because owner-occupied; but should be easily rentable.

Running costs and taxes ect

€ 322.92

Final notes

The apartment is a particularly beautifully designed "pearl"

Moving abroad for professional reasons

By arrangement (apartment is free, we have the key)