Address of the Real Estate






Purchase Price and Realtor Commission

€ 869,000.00

Double garage, courtyard

5.95 %


The buyer pays at the conclusion of the notarial deed a commission in the amount of 5.95% of the authenticated purchase price. (It is a two-family house)

Land plot data


Inner city

597.00 m²

Description of property

Large semi-detached house (later extension), large, beautiful plot with garden, large courtyard, idyllic ambience


The exact original year of construction is unknown. The second construction phase is from 1952 (extension). In 2003 the house was practically completely renovated and raised almost to the new building standard.

The house, which appears rather inconspicuous from the street side, opens to the visitor immediately after he has closed the massive entrance door to the courtyard behind him. The entire planning of the house seems almost Mediterranean: the north side is on the border with the neighbour, the west side is short and along the street, and the long building front faces the courtyard and the south. Like a protective wall, the buildings and the courtyard gate enclose the private inner area, which is clearly structured and divided into two halves; on the one hand the built-up area and behind it the grassland with its protective tree cover. For a family, a gem in one of the most sought-after residential cities in the south of the Main metropolis Frankfurt.

The property has a number of special features. First of all, there is the photovoltaic system from 2010. Then the cistern for rainwater. The large double garage for easily 2 cars. The large, ornately paved courtyard. The small pond, next to it a shady, paved summer terrace with space for the whole family. The wonderful garden with fruit trees, which is practically hidden from view by the garage between the house and the garden. In addition, a former stable building, which is a great storage room for bicycles and more. The woodshed for stacking firewood for the three stoves. The central hoover. The perfectly fitted fitted kitchen from 2003. The completely secluded property. The light-flooded passage from the front house to the back house, completely glazed with neighbour permission. The clay tiles on the roof. The electric shutters. Partial underfloor heating. Numerous LAN cables. Fast internet. The proximity to the centre of Langen, to the S-Bahn, to the motorway, to the airport.

The already mentioned large double garage is more than just space for two cars. If you own a classic car and enjoy working on it, this is the ideal place for it. Another 2-3 cars can be parked in front of the garage if, for example, visitors come to the house. If two parties live in the house, there is plenty of space for parking.

Object description (Part 2)

Triple and double glazed insulating windows from 2003

In addition to the measures already mentioned, it is also important to know that in 2003 the drainage around the house was also renewed in large parts (except for the street side, because of the city....which should have given permission for this).

A large part of the interior space is usable space, so it does not meet the criteria for living space. Nevertheless, some of the areas are also residential, where, for example in the roof, there is simply a lack of the necessary room height. The 160m² of total usable space (not including the extrabuildings) make up quite a lot of open space.

No statement can be made here about further building potential. It would also be a shame about the beautiful garden.


The existing kitchen can be taken over; it is simply very practical and nicely inserted. The kitchen also has a storage room.

In the basement there is a spacious laundry room, a workshop, the boiler room and three other storage rooms - lots of space. (The basement has a height of less than 2m in the rear area.)

On the ground floor front building and back building is a flat with kitchen and dining room as well as large terrace in the back area, a large living room and a bedroom as well as guest toilet, bathroom with tub and shower in the front area. On the 1st floor is the second flat with dining room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and small balcony in the front part of the building and a studio or bedroom with bathroom in the back. In addition, two staircases to the front and rear roof area with four rooms with a total of 55m² of usable space.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

Residential building demand certificate

212,3 kW/m²*a

Natural gas



G (< 250)



Further technical details


Condensing boiler with hot water storage tank, installed under the roof. Fireplaces are for the wood-burning stoves.

17 years


Not known

Not known

Not known

Takes place without a property manager

Yes, PV system with approx. 4000 KW pa


Description of location

The house is located in a side street to the southern ring road, a few hundred meters from the municipal indoor swimming pool, the city administration, the tax office, the district court, the vehicle registration office.

1.5 km to Langen train station, a few metres to the bus stop. By public transport to the International Rhine-Main Airport in 38 minutes. Even the air traffic control centre can be reached by S-Bahn.

It is 5.6 km to the A5 motorway and 2.8 km to the A661. To Frankfurt Airport 15 Minutes.


Children and parents feel at home here.

The Langener Waldsee lido is only 6 km away by bike.

Three schools nearby. Several day-care centres.

Supermarkets 4-5 minutes by bike or car. Post office, bakery, pharmacies and restaurants are all within walking distance.

Extensions or outbuildings

The former stable building and two sheds for wood and equipment storage.

Small ornamental pond, attractive plantings, outdoor terrace

Rental situation

The property is handed over free of tenancy and lease agreements.

Running costs and taxes ect

€ 241.66

€ 329.00

€ 369.10

Rainwater, wastewater, sewerage and street cleaning are € 555.61 p.a. All fees mentioned are from the notice for 2021 and are always subject to change.

Relevant title registrations in real estate register, public obligations, past contaminations - if known



Information on barrier-free access, etc.

Is doable


Other vital Data



History and background

The building inspectorate in Dietzenbach informed us on request that no building documents are available, except for the application for the construction of the double garage in 2005.