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Gemarkung Wehrheim




Purchase Price and Realtor Commission

€ 678,000.00

2.975 %

5.95 %

Half by buyer and half by seller

The commission is payable by both parties in the same amount (BGB § 656c). It is based on the notarised purchase price. Ancillary agreements to the commission or deviations from § 656c are not permitted.

€ 20,170.50

€ 20,170.50

6% real estate transfer tax, approx. 1.5% notary and court costs; Additional costs for financing

Land plot data

Inner city

494.00 m²

Description of property

Ideal home for the family


This year the "Residenz Gräfenbrunn" building area in the eastern part of the Wehrheim district was developed and 170 family houses were built.

On the ground floor, you enter the house into a high-quality wood-panelled hallway that leads you directly into the living room. To the left is a cosy area for dining or a sofa. The large front with patio doors and windows visually moves the living space directly into the greenery. To the right, the guest WC is located in the entrance area.
The open-plan design with the split-level concept creates a great deal of space and, above all, a feeling of space where nothing is absolutely separate, you can make yourself known to the other from each of the living rooms and bedrooms, so to speak.
On the lower level are the kitchen and dining room as well as the utility room and the boiler room.
On the upper level are the bedrooms; parents towards the garden side, two children's bedrooms towards the west side.
An attic was added to the western part of the building in 1980. Halfway up, a shower room with WC was created.
The large, floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room were also installed in the course of this building measure. The original front door was also renewed in 1980.

The left side of the building has a crawl space.

There is a garage and four parking spaces in front of the house. The electric roller garage door with remote control was newly installed in 1993.

Object description (Part 2)

The windows are from 1980 and 1994 and are made of high-quality aluminum that can withstand wind, weather, heat and cold even today.

There is a very solid and stable garden shed and a millstone water feature.


Not new but well thought out and very practical, with an extendable table for a quick breakfast or to prepare meals.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

Residential building demand certificate

174.30 kW/m²*a

Natural gas



F (< 200)



Description of location

Wehrheim is located in the eastern Taunus region between Bad Homburg and Usingen at an altitude of about 400m. The old Roman Limes still borders the southern side of the town and also the Wehrheim district, which also explains the name. The municipality of Wehrheim is about 20 km from Frankfurt and 10 km from the district town of Bad Homburg. The Gräfenbrunn residence is an independent development built in 1974 and is an upscale residential location.
The special thing about the location of this property is that the house is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac, so there is no through traffic.

Taunusbahn, buses. S-Bahn is in preparation.

The nearby federal highways and motorways can be reached without major delays.


Very child-friendly location. Playground right next door, sports clubs and sports facilities, many leisure activities (Lochmühle, Hessenpark, cycling and hiking trails to the Feldberg, and much more), riding and professional horse keeping, dog school, outdoor pool and lots of wonderful nature and fresh air.

Crèche, two kindergartens, elementary school Limesschule,

Shops for daily needs, but also an organic farm shop

History and background

The split-level house of the "Lärche" house type is one of the largest of six building types which, under the name Residenz Gräfenbrunn, will henceforth offer living space for many people working in Frankfurt. Wehrheim has upgraded accordingly: two kindergartens, a primary school, a swimming pool, sports clubs and a sports field, all shopping facilities on site, as well as connections to Frankfurt with the Taunusbahn and school buses to the grammar school towns of Usingen and Bad Homburg make it an attractive and much sought-after residential location for families today.