Address of the Real Estate





Purchase Price and Realtor Commission

€ 339,000.00

Parking space in the yard

€ 6,000.00

2.98 %

5.95 %

Half by buyer and half by seller

According to § 656 BGB the total commission is to be paid equally by the seller and the buyer.

6% real estate transfer tax, approx. 1.5% notary and court

Land plot data


Inner city

1,226.00 m²

Description of property

3-room flat in Offenbach ready for immediate occupancy or rent!


Condominium within an ensemble consisting of 4 buildings in Offenbach city centre. The flat has two bedrooms on the main level on the 1st floor, a large living room with dining area and fireplace, a kitchen, a bathroom, a balcony and a garden area for exclusive use at the rear of the property. It is air-conditioned.
It includes a parking space in the area between the buildings.
The flat has orientation to the southwest. A fitted kitchen is available, but without oven and hotplate.
The living space of this living level is approx. 80m².
The attic belonging to the flat has a living studio, a small kitchen and a bathroom with a total living space of approx. 29m². The attic can be reached separately via the staircase. It is currently rented out. Rental income is € 430 warm.

Parquet floor, fireplace

Object description (Part 2)

Double-glazed wooden frame windows. Probably from the year of construction.

The condominium association consists of a total of four buildings on one plot. These are 1 apartment building with 8 units on the street side, and three terraced houses with 2x1 flat and 1x2 flats at the rear. In between there are parking spaces (above and below ground). The flat for sale here is in the last building and has two flats as well as a garden, which was partly allocated to the ground floor flat and partly to the 1st floor flat for their sole use.
The two flats in the last building share a common heating system.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

Residential building demand certificate

162,1 kW/m²*a

Natural gas


F (< 200)


14 Jan. 2021

Further technical details


37 years

Living rooms and bedrooms are air-conditioned, but functionality cannot be guaranteed.

By property management, proportionally as usual according to consumption



Description of location

Central location in Offenbach, Offenbach-Ost S-Bahn station approx. 500m (S1,2,8,9); Market square 1.5km; Sana Clinic 1km

Very well connected


The house is at the far end of the property, so more or less surrounded by allotments. Hence a quiet location; Air traffic is normal for Offenbach's airspace.

Condominium: Specific data (I)




109.00 m²

The living space includes the conversion of part of the attic into an additional living space.
WE 11, upper floor: 79.84 + loft conversion: 28.98 = 108.82 m²

The main part of the flat is free and can be moved into immediately.

The attic apartment is currently rented.




A large balcony and a part of the garden belong to the apartment.

Condominium: Specific data (II)

1345,24 / 10.000tel MEA

13.45 %

€ 203.86

€ 168.00

Economic plan


Each of the four buildings forms an independent reserve. The two owners of the last building in which this apartment is located did not set up any reserves, but paid for the necessary repairs in full.

At its own discretion

The apartment has been freshly painted and necessary repairs have been made.

Garden share


There are 12 units in the property, spread over four buildings. In this fourth building there are two flats. The big advantage is that this building has only two owners who each own a unit and have to agree on reserves, renovations, renewals or repairs essentially as a couple without involving the rest of the community of owners.

Rental situation

The attic apartment has been rented to a single person since 1.7.2017.

€ 340.00

Relevant title registrations in real estate register, public obligations, past contaminations - if known

Garden share


According to information from the Offenbach building supervisory authority on November 24, 2020, there is no building load registration

According to information from the Darmstadt Regional Council, there is no entry for the property.


Other vital Data



The attic is taken over with the tenant. The rent is monthly € 430 warm.