Address of the Real Estate





Purchase Price and Realtor Commission

€ 259,000.00

€ 3,080.00

Underground parking space

€ 5,000.00

5.80 %


The buyer pays at the conclusion of the notarial deed a commission in the amount of 5.80 % of the authenticated purchase price.

Description of property

In the middle of Offenbach, 3 minutes from the train station, 1 minute from Martin Luther Park, 5 minutes from the pedestrian zone


It is a bright ground floor apartment in the center of Offenbach. New building from 1989. The apartment has 1 living room with 25.13 m², 1 dining room with 12.68 m², 1 master bedroom with 12.23 m², 1 children's room with 11.83 m², 1 hall with 3.35 m², 1 kitchen with 7.64 m², 1 bathroom with 6.81 m², 1 terrace with 4.98 m², 1 storage room in the apartment with 1.73 m² and 1 storage room in the attic. Due to the way these buildings are constructed, the terrace is located in the inner courtyard of the building complex.

Laminate in the living rooms; Bathroom tiled room-high, double-glazed plastic windows

Parking in underground garage

Object description (Part 2)


The fitted kitchen belongs to the tenant. No lessor obligation to replace defective devices.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

Residential building demand certificate

91,4 kW/m²*a

Other sources

District heating and cogeneration and fossil fuel


C (< 100)



Land plot data


Inner city

1,435.00 m²

Average residential area quality

Description of location

The apartment is located in the building complex Martin-Luther-Park 2, Otto-Steinwachs-Weg 2-4 in the center of Offenbach.

Train and bus can be reached in three minutes on foot; Offenbach main station is practically around the corner.


Opposite is a kindergarten, so the background noise is definitely lively during the day


Are from here on foot the best

Condominium: Specific data (I)

Ground floor


84.00 m²

The apartment has been rented to a family since 1.2.2003. The notice period for personal use is nine months. Notice of termination can only be given after the new owner has been entered in the land register. All in all, you can count on up to a year. Therefore, this apartment is mainly of interest to capital investors.




There is a terrace of just over 4 m².

Condominium: Specific data (II)

44/1.000 MEA

4.40 %

€ 316.00

In the annual statement there was an additional payment of 930.67 euros.

€ 35.24

€ 263.00

Billing 2019

€ 29,281.62


The apartment's share of the maintenance reserve is € 1,288.38. This portion is included in the purchase price.

At the storage facility with no.5 and parking space no.16


Information on community property

Complete facade renovation in 2017. For this, 85,000 were withdrawn from the reserve and 30,000 were paid as a special contribution.



No. According to information from the property management, the apartment is in a proper condition, so that no urgent work is pending.

Rental situation

The apartment was rented to a married couple in 2003 who have since lived in the apartment with their children; meanwhile two of the children have already moved out; one still lives with his parents.

€ 735.00

This includes the underground parking space.

Running costs and taxes ect

€ 794.08

The property tax assessment was not yet available to us when this exposé was prepared, the property tax was determined from a letter from the city of Offenbach. Other operating costs, etc. can be found in the 2019 statement, which is available for inspection.

Further information about the object

3,4 %


Relevant title registrations in real estate register, public obligations, past contaminations - if known

At the storage facility with no. 5 and parking space no. 16 in the underground car park

Available; Land register can be viewed. However, these have no value influence.

Not (yet) inquired

Not (yet) inquired

Other vital Data


For personal use only after observing the statutory notice period.