Address of the Real Estate






Purchase Price and Realtor Commission

€ 416,000.00

Three garages

5.95 %


The buyer pays at the conclusion of the notarial deed a commission in the amount of 5.95% of the authenticated purchase price.

Description of property


Three family house in the old centre of Dreieich-Sprendlingen near Kerbplatz / Hans-Meudt-Halle. The house has three apartments, of which the middle one is vacant, the apartment on the ground floor is occupied with a lifetime lease and the apartment on the first floor is let. The ground floor apartment was modernized by the tenant himself. The 1st floor apartment was occupied by the owner and has recently been vacant; it needs to be renovated or modernized. The DG is rented (no right of abode). A large plot of land belongs to the house, with an entrance to the three garages, which are approved by the building law; a fourth shelter was probably built without approval. In the rear area is a garden with a summer house.
The apartments on the ground floor have four rooms, kitchen, bathroom without balcony or terrace; the apartment on the 1st floor has three rooms, kitchen, bathroom, winter garden; the DG apartment has three rooms, kitchen, bathroom, roof terrace. The property has a full basement. The apartment on the 1st floor can be used or rented out after the necessary renovation or modernization measures. The tenant on the ground floor does not pay any rent due to the right of residence, only the operating costs. The right of residence cannot be terminated and is not transferable to a third party.
The building shows damage in the rear area of the terraces 1st floor and DG, which must be professionally repaired.
All in all, these side effects have already been considered in the offer price and deducted in terms of value.

By and large simple outfit

Mostly plastic insulating glazing from the mid 90s

Single garage

A single garage is assigned to each apartment.

Convince yourself in a personal appointment whether the object fits to your ideas. There is a very good potential available (size of plot, building substance and size, location).

Only the building authority can comment on this.





Fitted kitchens belong to the respective tenants.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

Residential building demand certificate

393,4 kW/m²*a

Natural gas

1909, 1972 (Anbau)


H (> 250)


All three apartments have new gas boilers with condensing technology

10 May. 2020

Land plot data


Inner city

543.00 m²

Description of location

The house is ideally located in a relatively quiet residential area ("quiet" is relative everywhere in Sprendlingen). Around the corner is a primary school, two kindergartens, a large sports hall, a market place for weekly market and funfair (Kerb); a petshop; in a few minutes you are on the shopping street and in the future shopping centre Neue Mitte Sprendlingen. On the other hand, in a few minutes you are in the nature reserve, which stretches between Buchschlag and Sprendlingen. The school supply is within walking distance on all levels from Kita to Gymnasium; also the Strothoff International School is only 10 minutes walk away.

In this regard, too, there is almost optimal care. The regional train station in Sprendlingen can be reached in just five minutes. The bus station is about 7 minutes away; from there you can take the bus to Terminal 1 of the international airport and ICE terminal Frankfurt Airport in 30 minutes. Buchschlag S-Bahn is a 15-20 minute walk away or easy to reach by bike or bus; there is also a park and ride area. From there the lines S3 and S4 go to Darmstadt and Frankfurt or further to Kronberg, Eschborn and Bad Soden.

If you have to go to the motorway, you have several possibilities from here: Via the nearby Dreieich junction onto the 661 towards Frankfurter Kreuz or to Bavaria; via Buchschlag to the A5 towards Basel or Hannover; Via the A661 towards Frankfurt-Ost or Nord; take the A661 to the Bad Homburger Kreuz and from there onto the A5 in a northerly direction. Depending on the traffic volume you have a good choice If you absolutely have to go to Frankfurt city centre by car, you can either take the B3 to and through Neu-Isenburg, or take the A661 to the Sachsenhausen exit. To the airport it takes about 15 minutes; to the air traffic control Langen about 10 minutes; to the motorway A5 in southern direction it is best to drive via Langen, because you will avoid the barrier in Buchschlag.


Absolutely child-friendly location!

Dreieich is exemplary and a leader in the development of cycle paths for near and far.

There is a high school, a European school, a comprehensive school, an elementary school - all nearby without having to use a bus.

Abundant in the area (tegut, organic shop privately run, REWE, real, butchers, bakeries, other shops for daily needs

Further technical details


3 years


Every tenant pays directly to the provider

Multiple dwelling unit - specific data


230.97 m²

Measurement by certified experts




Yes, every apartment has a basement



Ground floor: four rooms, 86.46 m²
1st floor: three rooms plus winter garden, 84.48 m²
DG: three rooms, roof terrace, 60.03m²
Basement: laundry room plus five rooms, toilet, 70.99 m²

Extensions or outbuildings


Garden shed

Relevant title registrations in real estate register, public obligations, past contaminations - if known




Housing law and pre-emptive right for tenants on the ground floor

Other vital Data

partly rented