Address of the Real Estate





Purchase Price and Realtor Commission

€ 1,565,000.00

€ 3,184.00

Six garages belong to the property

5.95 %


The buyer pays at the conclusion of the notarial deed a commission in the amount of 5.95% of the authenticated purchase price.

Description of property

Top investment property in Wiesbaden! Directly from private family property, well maintained and fully rented.


The building has three living floors and two identical apartments on each floor. The 3-room apartments each have 72.57 m² of living space, the 4-room apartments each have 94.57 m² of living space. All apartments have a balcony. The condition of the apartment is good. The bathrooms are modernized. The windows have been renewed. The roof was renovated. The burner and boiler of the oil heater have been replaced. The garage roofs have been renovated. The garage doors have been renewed.

The floors in the apartment have parquet, which was renewed at different intervals. In five apartments, the bathrooms have tubs with shower facilities; one bathroom has a shower.

The windows are double-glazed with plastic insulation and were renewed in 1992.

Single garage

There are six individual garages, so that each apartment has a garage.


The existing fitted kitchens belong to the tenants

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

Residential building demand certificate

183 kW/m²*a

Fuel oil



F (< 200)


1 Feb. 2020

Land plot data


Inner city

876.00 m²

Description of location

Located in Wiesbaden Nordost, a few minutes from the city center, quiet location off the street, central, middle-class; approx. 500m to the city palace or palace square

Bus stop 1 min., 1,300 meters to the main train station

The nearest Autobahn 66 takes about 5-7 minutes


Very child-friendly; Playground within walking distance, next day care center 1 minute; Elementary school and comprehensive school a few minutes walk away

Further technical details


15 years


Through consumption recording

Multiple dwelling unit - specific data


501.42 m²

725.00 m²

544.00 m²

m³ 2,387.463


Foundations, basements, ceilings, stairs: concrete
Walls: masonry (30-24-10)
Flat roof: cross-ventilated wooden roof structure; Attica: aluminum shell
Staircase: artificial stone
Railing: steel with handrail
Balconies: sealed and tiled; with gutter
Windows: plastic double glazing
Doors: wood
Front door: heat protection and security door



Flat roof

Full basement



Rental situation

The property has six rental apartments and is fully let

€ 4,970.00

Including 6 garages each € 60,-



Lage | Wfl. m² |Beginn | Kaltm. € | Garage €
EG li | 94,57 | 01.11.1993 | 870 | 60
EG re | 72,57 | 01.03.2006 | 650 | 60
1. OG li | 94,57 | 01.01.1976 | 870 | 60
1. OG re | 72,57 | 01.08.2009 | 650 | 60
2. OG li | 94,57 | 01.10.2014 | 870 | 60
2. OG re | 72,57 | 01.10.2012 | 700 | 60

Jahreskaltmieten Wohnungen gesamt: 55.320,- €
Jahresmieten Garagen gesamt: 4.320,- €

Further information about the object

3,83 %


Residential building:
Renewal of windows in plastic double glazing: 1992
Renewal of bathrooms and toilets, including pipes and sewage pipes: 1996
Repainting of staircase: 2000
Roof renovation: 2001
Renewal of the oil central heating burner: 2001
Boiler renewal: 2004
Renovation of balconies (improved with tile covering and gutters): 2009
Front door: Renewed in 2012 (heat protection and security door)

The parquet floors in all apartments were regularly refurbished in case of wear and tear.

Garage facility:
Roofs renovated: 2001
Roadway and sewage of the garage yard renewed: 2002
Garage doors renewed: 2014