Address of the Real Estate


Frankfurt am Main


Purchase Price and Realtor Commission

€ 515,000.00

€ 4,187.00

5.95 %


The buyer pays at the conclusion of the notarial deed a commission in the amount of 5.95% of the authenticated purchase price.

Land plot data


Development land

583.00 m²

Description of property

From two apartments merged in 2005: Large five-room apartment on the 4th floor of an old building, with two full baths each with window and tub, a living room, two bedrooms each; another bedroom with en suite bathroom, and a fourth bedroom or work or children's room overlooking the courtyard. There are three rooms to Wittelsbacher, two to the yard.


According to the energy certificate, the year of construction is 1910

The apartment, which is for sale here, is located on the 4th floor of an stylish turn of the century building, with a ceiling height of about 2.60m. It was originally two apartments, each with 2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom. The apartment still has two heating, water and electrical circuits and two land registers. Since the apartments were vacated at the time of the renovation measures, the then builder merged the apartments. They could also be separated again.
The apartment can be reached on the left in the stairwell. Right on the left is the kitchen, which was newly installed in 2005. After that, the first bathroom is on the left; straight ahead ist the 25m ² large living room and from there right and left are the two 15.5m² or 17m ² large bedrooms.
If you go in the hallway to the right, you enter the area of ??the former second apartment. The corridor widens there to a large, inner anteroom; on the right and on the left are two more rooms, one of which has its own bathroom.

During the refurbishment a prefabricated parquet was installed in all rooms and in the corridor except the wet rooms. The kitchen was newly installed; since a few years, the refrigerator was removed and the tenant was given the procurement of such; the stove was renewed before the last rental.
Both bathrooms have a tub, each with a shower rod. Both bathrooms have large windows. The bathrooms and kitchen are tiled.


There are a few garages on the property, but none of them belong to the apartment.

Object description (Part 2)


The building got a whole new heating system with new strands, new electrical system, a newly equipped attic with new dormer, in which an apartment was built.

Here are the two downers: The apartment has no balcony and the building has no elevator.


about 12 years old

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Data

Residential building consumption certificate

172 kW/m²*a

Natural gas



7 Aug. 2009

Description of location

The Wittelsbacherallee is a large traffic artery, each with two lanes to the right and left of the green belt, by the tram line No. 14) drives. The avenue itself is covered with tall, old trees.

On the doorstep is the station Freiligrathstraße (tram 14), in about five minutes you can reach the U7-stop parliament square, in 15 minutes the Ostbahnhof.
By car you are in about five minutes on the highway. The Ostpark can be reached in ten minutes; Ice stadium, football stadium and the place where circus, dippemess and other events alternate, are also within 10 minutes walking distance.


Inevitably, of course, with the windows open, the sounds of the Wittelsbacher can be heard - with the windows closed though it is an almost heavenly peace. On the 4th floor, however, the road noise disturbs much less than at lower levels.

Condominium: Specific data (I)



123.12 m²

The calculation of floor area for the two combined apartments is in the supplement to the declaration of division of 19.2.2003. However, there are balconies (provided), which are not available on the 4th floor. Therefore, the living space was corrected by the absent balconies.


Yes. The apartment has been re-rented for two years. She was previously rented to shared apartments, now to a couple.




2.60 m


Condominium: Specific data (II)

61,55/1.000 und 65,07/1.000 MEA

12.66 %

€ 596.00

€ 63.52

€ 418.45

Business plan 2015 is still valid

€ 43,965.34




Information on community property

2000 until 2006

Good to very good general condition

Rental situation

The apartment has been rented to a couple for two years now.

€ 1,510.00

There is a biennial increase in the lease agreed.


The apartment has practically never been empty for the last 10 years.

Running costs and taxes ect

€ 184.44

Further information about the object

The balcony renovation was decided in the 2017 owners' meeting and is financed from the reserve.

The minutes of the Owners' Meetings 2016 and 2017 are available and can be viewed.

Relevant title registrations in real estate register, public obligations, past contaminations - if known

No entries

Information on barrier-free access, etc.



Other vital Data