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The house was built 1984-1986 is European style with handcrafted detail and high quality construction, built by a European Immigrant

Some things about the Ranch in short description:

20.8 acres pastures, trees and land for building

Has a seasonal stream and mature trees/forest

Fenced pastures, stables and hay barn for horses

Own well/water supply, 30+gallons (ca 113 Liter) per minute

Guest house with own septic system, bathroom,shower, kitchen and bedroom

House is 3200 square feet, 3 bathrooms,3 bedrooms, library, dining room, office, wine cellar, large pantry, 18 X 12 feet underground fireproof vault, and two car attached garage.

The house has Oak floor and cedar ceilings and many extras. Exterior is Dryvit stucco (fireproof and never needs painting) the roof is tiles good for 100 years.

Two stone fireplaces and a German tile stove (Kachelofen)

There is a Tack room separate from the house (in the same building as the stables).

There are also 30+ fruit trees on the property, Pears, Plums, Cherries, Apples (the trees left and right of the road to the house).

The property can be divided in four separate parcels each with well and septic permit.

The property has Farm status and farm tax which is much lower then regular property tax. The tax is $3600 annually.

Montana does not have that many restrictions and rules like Germany, you are pretty much free to do what you like (says the owner).

In the wilderness, there are red deer, bears - also Grizzlies, wolves and more.

Great hunting, hiking, skiing, boating, fishing and great views. This is the most beautiful part of Montana. (Google NW Montana, Flathead valley)

Owner had 20+Arabian horses here (no horses at this time, retired from the horse business).

No other animals on the property besides Deer, Eagles, Hawk, Uhu Owls, wild Turkeys, occasional a Bear, Coyotes, Pheasants and many different Song birds.

Only Eagles, Hawks and Owls are protected (can not hunt them) Grizzly Bear and Wolf are protected. Black bear can be hunted.

Flathead Valley is the “Banana Belt” of Montana. It has the mildest Winter (December- March +-) and beautiful green Summer (May-August +- ) and a dry Fall (September-November+-) March and April are usually rainy.

Winter temperatures in February can be zero Fahrenheit. Snow about 3 or 4 feet. See winter pictures made in a February.

We grow Cherries here which is not possible in other parts of Montana.

Flathead Lake (the biggest fresh water lake in the West) is only 20 minutes from here, great for sailing and fishing.

Whitefish/Big Mountain is a famous ski resort- all about 20 minutes from here.

Description of location

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) mandatory data

Relevant title registrations in real estate register, public obligations, past contaminations - if known

Right of way 12 feet outside of the South property line;

Water rights for horses and cattle on the stream/creek. Hunting rights for all Game (except Grizzly Bear and Wolf, they are protected).

The property also has Homestead status, which protects it from seizure and confiscation by a lawsuit etc.

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Aerial view of the object
Wide pastures
The residential house, in the background the mountains of Montana
Connection between house and haystack and stables
Horse stables
The buildings with a lot of pastureland
Note the glasswork in the windows
Fire place corner
Dining table
High quality inventory
Comfortable living area
Bedroom with fireplace
This is the stairway to the Wine cellar, Vault and Pantry.
Vine cellar
Vine cellar
Tack room
In the guest house
In the guesthouse
In the guesthouse
Wild life
Curious deer
Most beautiful landscape
Wild life
Visit the ranch!
Winter Impressions
Winter Impressions
Winter Impressions
Winter Impressions
Winter Impressions

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