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Pure idyll: A jewel for sale in Schmitten's district, Niederreifenberg. House for nature lovers, dog owners, sheep or horse enthusiasts, or just a buyer who loves the decelerated life away from the hustle and bustle of today. This house stands on 4.800m² of land - woods and meadows - away from houses and streets, with amazing views to the Feldberg and castle.
Living space in sqm (Info): 
Other area space not defined as living area: 
Type of House: 
Single family home
Year of construction: 
Year of construction (Info): 
Exact year not known, building permit 1954
Balcony, Garden, Backyard: 
Balcony / Loggia
Number of floors (groundfloor=0): 
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Asking price (Euro): 
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Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
Date of Energy Performance Certificate: 
Type of energy performance certificate: 
Residential building consumption certificate
Residential Building - Final Energy Value: 
185.40 kWh/(m²?a)
Energy consumption for hot water: 
Value includes power consumption for: 
hot water
Main energy source: 
Natural gas
Main energy source: 
Main energy source: 
Pieces of wood
Year of Construction of the Heating System: 
Energy efficiency class: 
E (<160)
Detailed Information
Area size: 
4841 m² consisting of multiple sub-plots.
Freehold or Leasehold?: 
Detailed description of property incl equipment: 

Single family home located in the woods and fields outside of the city on a hillside, with sheds that are used to store vehicles and firewood.

Solid-built family house, used exclusively for residential purposes;


converted attic;

free standing

Various renovations and upgrades have been done over the last 15 years. Included was in particular the replacement of approximately 75% of the windows through heat-insulating isolated glass and the renewal of the heating installation in 2009. Overall, the object may be referred to as partially modernized.

Energy performance certificate was issued on 07.02.2015. Thermal insulation measures on the roof, basement, entrance and facade are recommended. Wood is abundant on the property.

Water systems: centralized water supply via connection to the public water supply network

Sewage installations: Drain to a trove which is emptied twice a year.

Electrical installation: medium equipment

Heating: new central heating, fireplace belonging to the tenant, using solid fuel (firewood);

Liquid gas tank above ground

Hot water supply: partially heater (electric), partly central heating

Drain with overflow and seepage, at the foot of a small lake. Path reinforcements, parking area, patio, retaining wall, place for garbage cans, taps. Shelters for equipment, land vehicles and passenger cars.

Overall structurally sound. The house has been inhabited continuously in recent years and kept heated. A broken wall above the house can be repaired by the present owners if desired.

Road construction: partly expanded road from gravel and flattened forest floor. Road leads only to this object.

Connections to supply lines and sewerage: electricity, water from public utilities;

Telephone connection;

no border development of residential house, several 100m away from several neighboring houses;

Soil, groundwater (where apparently visible): grown, normal viable subsoil;

Pollution: not visible or known;

Easements: None;

Expansion capabilities: Not known.

The building law situation is to be established by the prospective buyer in each individual case (supervision Hochtaunus district).

Current usage as per unit value statement is a single family home.

Description of location: 

Niederreifenberg is a district of Schmitten; additionally belonging to Schmitten are Oberreifenberg, Arnoldshain, Hunoldstal, Brombach, Dorfweil, Seelenberg and Treisberg. Schmitten is a nationally recognized climatic health resort in the Hochtaunus district. The municipality Schmitten with its 9 districts was created in 1972 as part of local government reform. Each district still has its own coat of arms; until 1769 the knights of Hattsteiner dominated the settlement and repeatedly warred, together with the Kronberger knights, the merchant city of Frankfurt am Main. Today Schmitten is an idyll, a ski resort in winter, biking and hiking area in the warm season, and through Koenigstein you are in about half an hour in Frankfurt.

Connection to traffic routes / public transport: 

By bus and underground or suburban train through Oberursel one is at the Hauptwache in Frankfurt in an hour. The bus departs approximately every hour during working hours. By car you can reach Frankfurt through Koenigstein or via the "Sandplacken" and Oberursel or to the A5 or A661 motorway.

General noise level of location: 
Pure Tranquility
Number of Units in Building: 
Renovations done in the building: 

The building was extensively renovated and modernized in 2000 and 2009. Heating, most windows, plumbing and electrical were renewed.

Renovations to be done in the building: 

Replace the remaining windows and the front door (with appropriate insulation); Insulate roof.

Type of heating and warm water preparation: 
Type of heating and warm water preparation: 
Type of heating and warm water preparation: 
More options on heating: 
Central heating system
Age of heating system (approx): 
6 Years
Parking options: 
Parking place outside
Comments regarding parking situation: 
There is definitely no shortage of parking spaces!
Other information or specialties: 

Visits by prior arrangement only possible preferably on weekends. No tours during (strong) rainy weather.

Which is the most characteristic feature of this property: 
A uniquely beautiful location in the Taunus


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Use the form below to contact us about this offer

The information you send us via this form is 100% encrypted using modern encryption standards.

If you have problems to send the form, just call us at +49 6103 310847 or +49 151 7272 9596