Already a few months ago we had given 5 stars to AllGrund for the appraisal of our apartment, with many tips on how to prepare for the sale.

After the sale, we would prefer to give 10 stars instead of 5: The Talkenberger family has a great talent for selling an apartment: with beautiful photos they prepared the exposé on our "sweetheart", accompanied by complete details on every subject and every possible question. The targeted sales price was achieved, no wonder after the professional appraisal at the beginning; the assessment of the certified expert Mr. Talkenberger was simply right.

What distinguished the sales process? Most certainly the goal-oriented actions of Mr. Talkenberger, accompanied by calmness, competence, once chocolate bunnies and again and again anecdotes from the long company history. Added to this was the constant availability of both and the amount of time they invested: Even late in the evening came calls and mails to the many questions that occupied us as first-time sellers.

Finally, the comprehensive trust in the work of the family, which was first created and then repeatedly confirmed. I'm sure I've forgotten a few things, but what is certain is that, in keeping with the AllGrund company philosophy, the sale ended with a smile on everyone's face.

And typical: Only at the very end, after the handover of the apartment, came the bill from AllGrund. Every cent of the brokerage fee was honestly earned for this effort!

Christine R.-G. and Burkhard G.


Response from the owner:

Dear Mrs. and Mr. R-G, thank you for your very detailed and pleasant confirmation. It is not always easy to assert ourselves on the market with our own philosophy, which you so aptly describe. On the one hand there are sellers who have extremely high price expectations, on the other hand there are buyers who are extremely meticulous in searching the property for defects and faults in order to push down that very price; and in between there is a colorful spectrum of circumstances and surprises that make the job of a real estate agent, who wants to work seriously and honestly and earn his money, really difficult. And you don't always have clients who, even in difficult situations - where, for example, a bank suddenly rejects financing that had previously been agreed to and the notarized contract was signed - keep their nerve in such situations and work with the broker to find a solution. No recriminations, no threats, no letters from the lawyer - simply resolve the situation with reason and joint strength. In this respect, it was also a pleasure for us to work with you in this way and to jointly solve the problems that arose along the way. All's well that ends well - but it was exciting right up to the last minute. Never give up, that is simply our motto.

Your AllGrund owners Irmi and Peter Talkenberger

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