Hello and welcome to 2022 !

Have you already planned the year all the way through, barely after it has begun? Or are you one of those people who just let it come to you, freely following the motto of the people of Cologne: "Wat kütt dat kütt." [ What comes comes]. But the Cologne man would not be a Cologne man if he did not add to this: "Ett hat noch immer jut jegange". [It all ended well in the end].

"What comes that comes" coupled with a cheerful, optimistic outlook on life is a mentally healthy way to tackle the new year. Strokes of fate are part of life, but in the end everything will be fine again. That's just the way we humans are. So let's not be intimidated by the prophets of pessimism any more than by our own fears or worries. Let us tackle what is waiting for us. One can always help something, some other person. Helping helps. Even oneself.

Let's get back to our motto: We always live. That was the fundamental realization that led me to stand on my own two feet and start a real estate company in 1998. Because one thing had become clear to me: Everyone needs a roof over their head. So real estate is as fundamental to our lives as our "daily bread". Whether renting or owning, a roof over one's head is an essential part of our life, our economic system and our inner peace. It is a focal point, a central place to stay, a place of retreat as well as a starting point for numerous activities.

So I recognized the perpetual hustle and bustle inherent in this industry. And no matter what the reputation of the brokerage profession, the numerous experiences I have had over 20 years have shown me that the realtor has an important role to play in the brokerage of housing. People want expert advice, just as they seek expert help in many other areas of life.

Busyness continued to characterize our lives as real estate agents last year. And will continue to be the defining characteristic for 2022. Many factors (both known and unknown) hold sufficient employment potential and will ensure that boredom remains a foreign word, at least in our industry.

In this spirit, I wish all friends (m/f/d) and customers (m/f/d) of our company a refreshing, healthy and exciting year, but above all health, a good portion of happiness and inner freedom.

Happy New Year!

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