When someone asks me: And how was your business year in 2021, I easily start to wonder. If I say "Good!" then I think at the same time - is that it? "Bad" would also be wrong, as would "mixed" be. You don't really know what happened. On the one hand, demand remained high, on the other hand, supply was not quite as scarce as last year. There is still not enough coming onto the market, but enough to keep a company like ours with eight employees afloat without having to order short-time work.

Yes, sure, the big troublemaker is still the "C" word. The obstructions have become part of everyday life, but that doesn't make them nice, even if one has got used to some of them. And the demand for real estate continued to rise unabated. 

Nevertheless, a slightly declining price trend cannot be completely denied, at least in the second half of the year; so far, anyway. Properties that linger too long on the market are almost always priced too high. Sellers' expectations are high; completely understandable. But so are the expectations of buyers. Nevertheless, a definite trend cannot be deduced here. 

All in all, it was a solid year for business. After all, one thing is certain: people always need housing. And one thing is certain: those who can, will buy. And one more thing is certain: interest rates are still crisply low. (Let's leave inflation aside, which is distorted by the VAT cut in 2020).

So let's not let the final spurt spoil our mood. Those who can, should buy. Prices are unlikely to fall any lower; those who hoped for this in the past have practically always been disappointed. 

Our most quoted "winged word" this year is: "The market determines the price".

And that always remains true.

In this spirit, we wish you a relaxed pre-Christmas period and a well-considered and thoughtful final spurt if you are still planning a property purchase or sale this year. In both cases, we will be happy to advise you.

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