Housing needs change from one stage of life to the next. But if the home cannot be changed along with it, important decisions have to be made. But when is the right time to sell the old property and prepare for the move?

Every second homeowner who wants to sell their four walls is still hesitating because of the pandemic, is the result of a current study. Yet the chances of achieving a high sales price are currently extremely good. A good one in four property owners:in plans to sell their property. There are many reasons for this: the largest share, just under one third, would like to take advantage of the favourable situation on the real estate market and realise a financial profit with the sale. One in six would like to part with their residential property because it no longer suits their living situation - 17 percent of them because it is too big, and 16 percent because it is not barrier-free. 

The Corona pandemic is unsettling many homeowners who are willing to sell. At the same time, the demand for residential property is very high in many regions. The market situation is therefore extremely favourable at the moment - possibly precisely because of the pandemic.

With the support of an experienced specialist, the sale can be realised safely despite Corona restrictions. Often, suitable potential buyers are already on the pre-booking list. Moreover, modern technologies from internet video to 360° views and drone images offer the best conditions for showing your property from its best side. This eliminates unnecessary on-site inspections and limits the number of visitors to those who are really interested. In the best case, the well-selected prospective buyers have already gained a comprehensive impression on their own computer, tablet or smartphone before the actual viewing. 

(Photo: © Dimitris Vetsikas, Pixabay)

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