The following documents are required by us before we can value and market a property.

Also, interested buyers ask for these documents, and they are always pleasantly surprised when we instead of replying "requested but not yet received" or "well, we can still get them" we better can say: "We all have these documents online for you ready to download and here are your access data! "

Financiers and banks need most of these documents before they can promise funding. In order to be able to serve a customer willing to buy as quickly as possible and to receive the financing commitment, it is of great advantage to have them at hand.

The documents are slightly different depending on the object category.

These are always needed:

  • Land Registry excerpt, not older than three months
  • Official land register (or land register)
  • Floor plans, plans, architectural drawings
  • Area calculations (living areas, usable areas, floor areas ...)
  • Copy of the building insurance
  • Basic tax assessment or municipal property tax assessment

These are additionally required for condominiums or part ownership:

  • Declaration of division together with all supplements (supplements can be found in the land register excerpt)
  • Minutes of the last three owner meetings
  • Current business plan
  • The last 2-3 annual statements
  • The amount of the maintenance reserve
  • (if possible) decision-making of the administrator

For rental properties we need:

  • The rental agreements or a rental agreement
  • Annual accounts of the administration with tenants

For sale and rental is required by law:

  • The energy efficiency certificate (it still has to be valid!)

By means of a simple power of attorney , we can obtain the documents that you may not have or cannot find.